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Reading About Rice!

A Southern Food Staple

What we’re reading on the farm. Farm friends we’re reading “Rice” by Michael Twitty @thecookinggene on IG

Rice is a grain we’re researching, growing in small plots or even pots, cooking and eating. It’s such a large part of our Gullah heritage and food tradition that we want to explore more about it and it’s importance. We know it was a large part of our diet , the majority of our meals included rice and were centered around the starchy dish. We’ve eaten it in many ways and now through this resource we want to discover more ways to enjoy Rice. We will try new recipes and their origins. We invite you to join the adventure and then come celebrate Rice with us here on the farm! Meet agrarians in our Lowcountry, Gullah community, eat with us and see what we have learned from this new book. Dates of gatherings will be announced soon and we hope you will find a copy of the book and learn about this staple. We will share more! We also recommend reading Michael’s book The Cooking Gene, we were able to purchase it after attending a workshop he taught at a farm conference. Let’s learn together! There are copies in libraries and through Hoopla Digital too.

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