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  • Do you use GMOs (Genetically, Modified, Organisms)?"
    No, we do not use GMOs. No plant or animal on our farm is a product of GMOs. We do not purchase GMO seeds. None of our animals were birthed or hatched from GMO methods.
  • Do you attend trainings?
    Yes, we do attend training. We attend conferences, workshops and classes offered by a number of agricultural organizations. Here are a few... South Carolina State University 1890 Research and Farm Extension Service Clemson University Extension Service Carolina Farm Stewardship Association
  • Do you hatch any of your chickens, ducks or turkeys?"
    Yes, on occasions we incubate eggs from our fowl. This year, 2020, three of our female turkeys had poults hatch. Now and again our chickens will become broody and gather a clutch of eggs and set long enough to have them hatch. Our ducks have not been broody yet. We had ducklings, chicks and poults hatch from our incubators this spring.
  • Are you of Gullah descent?
    We are both of Gullah descent. Tony's father is from Beaufort County. Tony was raised here in Burton, he and father's family members spoke Gullah and lived as Gullah. Belinda grew up in Orangeburg near her paternal grandmother who was from Charleston. Her family roots stem to the Weston plantation. Both Tony and Belinda have embraced their Gullah heritage and customs. They give tours, share stories, and prepare dishes in the Gullah food traditions for guests. Visit their Tours page to find out more.
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