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Our First Backyard Chicken Class

We grew up taking care of chickens with our grandparents and transferred that experience to our children. What began as a homeschool science project grew to become a pullet chain 4-H project and an egg selling venture. Our children participated in several chicken workshops, competitions and projects. Through their continued involvement in 4-H our interest and investment in chickens grew. Now we have an egg selling license, labels and cartons for the egg business.

In addition to carrying on the egg sales, we increased our know of poultry care. We’ve added and improved their housing, invested in incubators and other items to make sure our chickens receive the best possible care we can give. Everything from attending webinars, reading books and articles and attending conferences or workshops have been part of our plan to learn more about chickens and eggs.

As our neighbors and friends inquired of us about chicken care we decided to share information in the form of a class offered by us...go figure! We put together a handout and display, sent out notices and had a nice turnout. The eggs we had in the incubator hatched two to three days ahead of the class just in time to display how to care for baby chicks. The participants in the class were very attentive and interacted with us and each other. The chicken tractor, coops and chicken runs, incubator, brooder were all a part of the class. The “friendly fowl” we’re out and about foraging and enjoying themselves on the property. The ducks, chickens and turkeys were all out and the guineas. We enjoyed the interesting questions and comments and the gathering of fellow chicken enthusiasts.

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