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Winter Camping Anyone?!

Winter camping anyone?!?! In the Lowcountry of SC the temperature doesn’t drop below freezing very often but occasionally we get a few temps in the 32 degree and below range. As campers and camping hosts ourselves and camping hosts we’re always in the lookout for the best way to spend time outdoors during the winter season. This article by Outdoors Online magazine has some very useful information about heating during winter camping and hiking trips.

We are offering a $10 discount on our sites and wood bundles during the months of December through February. You may not need all of the items listed in the article , How to (Safely) Heat a Tent, but if you’re looking to increase your days outdoors and need to update your equipment this article is a super resource.

During the days here in Beaufort County, SC it’s pretty warm in the sunlight even after a chilly night. A good morning fire usually takes care of that chill. If you want to have our coffee or tea and biscuits delivered then you won’t even need to stand around outside to cook breakfast.

A winter sleeping bag at night will keep you warm and toasty in our climate. So after a day exploring the sites here, sit around the campfire and then go inside that winter sleeping bag for a cozy, peaceful winter’s night.

We don’t have electricity on the sites but ask about our solar powered and a traditional generators to see if they’re available to power your heat sources.

Winter is a great time for birding here it’s where a wide variety of birds spend their time. A good pair of binoculars at Hunting Island State Park or the local trails will be a rewarding experience. Check with the kayak operators to get a closer look at bird habitats and the flora that the season provides.

Take a tour, attend one of our Gullah campfire supper events, visit local museums, our National Parks Service locations and come back to a great campsite with our beautiful friendly fowl and other animals. We look forward to welcoming you to the farm this winter! Book a site with us through our "Friendly Fowl Farm" listing on Hipcamp. Camper vans, car camping, camping trailers and midsize RVs are welcome. If you have questions please contact us at (843) 812-0344.

How to (Safely) Heat a Tent by Outdoor Magazine Online

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