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Produce Packages

Our produce packs are similar to but not the same as CSA boxes. CSA is an acronym for Community Supported Agriculture. A CSA program on a farm is an investment in the future crop and hopefully the successful harvest of the crop. The farmers accept payments in advance of planting for the next season. Each investor, family or individual, selects the size box at the amount determined by the farmer. The farmer uses the funds collected to purchase seeds, fertilizers and other supplies needed to get the field or planting beds ready for sowing seeds or started plants. The funds may also be used for packaging, advertising, and labor.

As the crop comes in the farmer begins preparing boxes with a selection of produce that will equal the amount of the box paid for by the customer. The available produce may be similar from week to week but there will be some variations. The CSA boxes are available for a predetermined period of time say eight weeks per planting season. There may or may not be an opportunity for the customers to modify their selections, that depends on the CSA agreement.

Our produce packages are not based on investments , they contain what we have available in packages based

on size at a flat price. They are available upon request via email, phone call or social media private message. A customer selects the size based on the amount of food needed, or the number of people in the household. Once the size is ordered we determine what we are harvesting and select produce, eggs, added value items for the package that equals the price of the package.

We still offer our produce as we would at the farmers market. But as markets closed with the spread of the Coronavirus now you can order individual items but instead of picking it yourself from our stand we pick it for you and you meet us for pickup. We are considering an on site stand here at the farm at least twice a month. Be on the lookout for updates and thank you for your support!

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