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A Salad from our Greens

Many times we gather greens from the tunnel for our customers but forget to collect a bit for us. We focus on the orders, making sure they are correct and our salad bag has a nice variety of the available greens. Tony and I often think of ways we would eat the greens and salads we could make but don’t get around to it. Well, finally yesterday while thinking of what we would have for lunch, I thought it was time for a nice salad.

After looking through the refrigerator, I pulled out the leftover rotisserie chicken and decided on chicken salad. I gathered a few ingredients from the kitchen, eggs from our hens, an onion and celery harvested a few days ago. the eggs in the stove I pulled all the remaining chicken from the carcass, chopped and mixed the salad. The eggs were done so all I needed to do was gather the greens.

I selected Swiss chard, spinach, lettuces, curly kale, cilantro and a poblano pepper. Once inside I washed and laid them on a platter for the family to come make their choice of greens. When I looked at the time, I realized I actually started long past lunchtime so it would be a part of dinner.

Now that the eggs were cool I peeled and chopped them then added them along with some seasonings to the chicken salad mixture. Finally, I was ready to eat.

My first thought was to prepare a lettuce wrap. I layered the romaine lettuce first, then added kale, spinach, and wavy red tip lettuce.

The plate had a beautiful bed of greens, now all I needed was the chicken salad. I added two scoops and topped it with cilantro. I attempted to make a beautiful wrap but it was quite what I would cal beautiful. I did eventually roll it and put two toothpicks in it to hold it together and though about taking a picture but by that time I was so hungry, seeing that I hadnt eaten lunch and it was now nearly 7:00, I decided to forego the picture.

The effort was well worth it because we all enjoyed the chicken salad greens whether as a wrap or chicken salad on a bed of greens! It made a delicious, light meal.

This is a great way to prepare fresh produce, we hope you’re enjoying the selection of greens we grow with your recipes! Feel free to share your beautiful dishes with us we would like to see your creative dishes!

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