The Penn Center Market remains closed so we are continue to take orders and meet customers at an agreed upon pickup location here on St. Helena Island. 


Visit our produce page for what is available now. We post faster on our Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter accounts weekly what is ready for harvest, when we are processing poultry or baking.  Our products pages here on the website reflect available items and current prices.  We accept payments of cash and through CashApp, Venmo and Paypal.  


Place your order via the contact page or our email address, morninggloryhomestead@gmail.com.  You can leave messages through our Facebook page or Instagram feed as well.  If you would like to speak with us call (843) 812-0344.  Thank you for your interest in our products.

Local Sustainable Agriculture: Protecting the Environment while Serving our Community 

We use methods that are organic and have the best interest of ourselves, our neighbors, and customers. Those practices also benefit the health of our animals and the environment.  

A Word About Kale

Mature curly kale has a peppery flavor with a pleasantly bitter edge. Lacinato kale tastes less bitter, and its flavor can be described as earthy, yet delicate, with a hint of nutty sweetness. A light frost makes both types taste sweeter, which is why late fall is the perfect time to cook with kale. In terms of texture, lacinato is generally more tender than regular curly kale.

Source: https://www.healwithfood.or

Did You Know?

Morning Glory Homestead Farm presented a class for persons interested in raising chickens in their backyard.  The topics covered werel  selecting chickens, building coops, how much space is needed, starting with baby chicks, egg laying, feeding, chicken diseases , and more .  Participants visited our chickens and saw basic coop designs.  Handouts were provided.  Our newly hatched baby chicks were on display.   
We look forward to hosting another class soon! See photos on our events page.

Kids Planting Seeds in Soil Blocks


Morning Glory is a 12.4 acre family owned homestead located on what was once the McTureus Plantation on St.Helena Island in South Carolina.  The rich soil and sub tropical climate make this location suitable for producing a variety of fruits and vegetables almost year round and is perfect for raising livestock.   


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Memorial Day Weekend!

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