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Discover Gullah-Geechee Cuisine on a Culinary Road Trip Through South Carolina and Georgia

Michael W. Twitty

Feb 1, 2021

"The area of the Southeast coast known as the Lowcountry is home to a unique food culture kept alive by the Gullah-Geechee community. Taste it for yourself on a leisurely road trip."

"This journey was a homecoming, as well as a personal renewal. The trips I'd taken before were about the dead. This one was about the living. I am a culinary historian turned culinary tourist. My purpose is to find where the food of the Gullah-Geechee people is and where it's going—a task that has become far more complicated since the spring, when the pandemic arrived on these shores."

One day Tony received a call from Chef BJ Dennis asking if it would be okay for hime to give our contact information to Michael Twitty for a project he was working on. Tony said it would be fine and thanked Chef BJ for suggesting us. When the day arrived we welcomed Michael Twitty and his traveling companions, David and Tonya Thomas, both chefs and a dynamic husband and wife cooking duo from Balitmore. We gave them and tour had a lovely time visiting and wished them well as they moved on to make it to their next stop, Dufauski Island to meet with Sallie Ann Robinson.

This feature was being prepared to dayview in the February 2021 edition of Travel and Leisure Magazine. The stops they made along the way were spots that represent the Gullah culture in many aspects of travel and food. We are so thankful for the opportunity we had to contribute to this wonderful article. We attended a workshop presented by Michael Twitty at the Carolina Farm Stewardship Sustainability Conference and purchased his book, a few years prior to his visit. It was an honor to have him visit which gave us the opportunity to meet David and Tonya Thomas. You can read his article at this address.

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