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Thanksgiving Preparations

Thanksgiving is a special holiday that involves family and friends gathering around a delicious meal to give thanks for blessings received throughout the year. Much preparation is involved from the guest list, decorations, table settings, menu and shopping.

Shopping for food is the biggest thing on the “to do” list and the turkey is the most sought after item. Purchase from a traditional grocery supplier or a local farm. Cage-free or pasture raised? Whole turkey or just the breast or other parts.

This year we have pastured turkeys that will be processed for Thanksgiving. These Royal Palm heritage birds are just a few months old, they hatched spring 2020. They’ve been raised on grass and non-gmo poultry feed plus all the acorns and insects they wanted to eat.

if you are interested in ordering a turkey or a roasting hen from us for your holiday meals please contact us. We will begin preparing turkeys and chickens Thanksgiving week so your bird will be fresh, not frozen. Turkeys will be $4.25/pound and chickens $4/pound. Bundles of herbs from the farm will be available for seasoning and dried pepper flakes for $5 each.

if you want help with baking we have a few baked goods that will also be available. Fresh baked loaves of bread, classic dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, pumpkin or sweet potato pie, sweet potato bread or cornbread for your dressing. All orders will be available November 23-25 for pickup from the farm or delivery for a fee.

Contact us to make inquiries or place an order. Call: (843) 812-0344

Check our store page for direct order of some items. We accept payments via PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp.

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