This summer our farm was given the opportunity to support the St. Helena Branch of the Beaufort Library System’s summer reading program in a very special way.  We hosted a story time program the library called, Tell It All Thursday.  We met every 1:30-3:00,  Thursday afternoons from June 7 through August 2. The theme for summer reading was Libraries Rock. Our program featured singing together, a story with characters who gardened, farmed, or cooked.    Each book had a special story that we discussed together from how to start a garden, how to overcome hunger through gardening, improving soil quality, the joy of gardening with a family member, overcoming grief through gardening, learning new gardening techniques, the journey of a seed, the vegetables in a vegetable soup, and having soup with a neighbor. 

After the story we tasted fruits, vegetables and prepared foods that were mentioned in the story.    

After our tasting, we spent time together in the children’s reading garden at the library.  The children planted cow pea seeds into soil blocks and planted started flowers in the terra cotta pots in the seating areas.  One day the students helped transplant a rose bush, and another day they transplanted okra and green pepper plants into a container.  They added two bird feeders, a bird bath, birdhouse and a bird waterer.  Another garden feature added was a wind chime.  On our final day the children started a square foot garden box.  They helped add the soil and organic mushroom fertilizer, measure the squares and plant seeds.  As we dismissed, each child received a garden pail with healthy snacks, a toy, a packet of seeds and a new book.  This program was financed by The Friends of the Library. 


Lola's Garden

How does Lola's love for poetry in a nursery rhyme and flowers set her on an adventure in gardening?

Mr. Putter & Tabby Stir the Soup

Find out how Mr. Putter & Tabby help their neighbor by making a hearty vegetable soup.  

Sylvia's Spinach

Just when Sylvia thought she wouldn't like the spinach she planted for the class project, she tasted it and found she did.  

In the Garden with Dr. Carver

How would your community benefit from the instruction and kindness of the famous scientist Dr. George W. Carver? 

Carlos and the Squash Plant

This fun bi-lingual book shows what folklore exists around working in a garden and not washing your ears like momma said! 

The Good Garden

How can a daughter help her family improve their gardening skills, and income from a traveling teacher? 

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